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DasCoin – the currency of the future and Trust


Since the creation of BitCoin, several hundred cryptocurrencies have emerged, but only some of them have become  successful.  Sometimes it not always the first that becomes the best. (Nokia was overtaken by Samsung, Myspace was overtaken by Facebook, Yahoo overtaken by Google), so it follows that later versions improve on the earlier ones. 

Our team have reviewed a new player called DasCoin.

Dascoin is a new, hybrid cryptocurrency.  The Founders have looked at several digital currencies, improved on their best qualities and added some extra benefits.  It has great potential, mainly because it has a chance of becoming the first commonly used cryptocurrency, which means it would be possible to pay with DasCoins wherever contactless payments cards are accepted. This suggests that DasCoin is set to become a real revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies. 

Let me show you some major improvements and functionality: 


1. DasCoins transactions will be done fast in 6 seconds

The popular BitCoin confirms a transaction by having, it has to be entered into a block and then into a “blockchain” (an electronic ledger). Each confirmation means that the transaction was entered into the block. Generally, BitCoin transaction is officially confirmed after three online confirmations. So the time for Bitcoin transaction is a minimum of 30 mins. Often BitCoin can take several hours or when busy days.

It means that average time needed by the transaction to be confirmed is 37,5 minutes.

DasCoin has 6sec blocks which means that the cash flow among the users is almost instant.

2. Mobile payments in DasCoin

From 2015 the founders of DasCoin have been holding talks with the biggest companies providing credit cards payments such as VISA and MASTERCARD. Original application enabling its users to make payments with DasCoins is yet to be introduced. This means that mobile phone payments will be possible in over 60 million points of sales where proximity cards are accepted. Similar solutions are offered by Android Pay and Apple Pay; they use, however, money from your bank account. DasPay will enable paying with their own cryptocurrency instead! When you travel on vacation to other countries just take your phone and pay. NO foreign fees or no worries “did I have enough of that currency in that card”. DasPay makes it easy.

Can you see the potential? DasCoin is supposed to be one and only cryptocurrency allowing you to forget completely about your wallet and credit cards. Your mobile phone will be all you need.

3. Business binding contract through DasCoin Blockchain!

Have you ever heard of Smart contracts? It is a new method of making a digital contract that  requires neither lawyers presence nor backlogs of paperwork. The contract is based on the same block system as the cryptocurrency. Transactions, as well as the digital contracts are ciphered, so that security of all operations is perfect. This also means that the users save their time and money, because they do not have to hire a notary. The contracts will be secured by the so called cycles which we receive after purchasing a licence for minting DasCoins.


DasCoin – probably the best purchase of 2017

Now that you know what DasCoin is and how widely experienced people create it, we should focus on how much you can earn. The first step is making an account on (click on the  NetLeaders button below).




Then you choose a licence which suits you. You can choose from 6 licences which differ in value and are characterised by certain conditions of minting (the more advanced licence the more coins you get).   Click here to see all the available licences



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