Electricity from Earth- Greenstorc.com helping save the planet

 Electricity from Earth- Greenstorc.com helping save the planet

Overview of the project


Greenstorc Smart Heat Unit (SHUBox) significantly boosts the efficiency of steam engine technology. Using our proprietary fluid, we made the process – known as ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) – better by generating energy at lower temperatures. Now we can address the global energy challenges of flexibility, accessibility, durability, and cost. That’s a powerful reason why Greenstorc will play a big part in our renewable energy future.

GreenStorc.com shallow drill 24 holes x 200 metres deep x 20cm wide, fit a closed loop system and with GreenStorc patented liquid that boils at 50C with a thrust of 2.5 that of steam to turn a turbine and generate electricity. This is more shallow than other Geothermal projects. The efficiency of the system allow for 24/7 electricity not dependent on wind or lack of clouds (Greenstorc is 12% and 14% respectively) Another benefit is that no batteries are needed.

The Greenstorc Smart Heat Unit (SHUBox) is a highly engineered low enthalpy binary ORC engine designed to operate from as low as 50C. This is currently a world leading efficiency. We can now create highly affordable, low carbon electricity from industrial waste heat recovery and Combined Heat and Power solutions (CHP).

Both modular and scalable, the SHUBox can be grouped into heat farms to suit a wide range of potential customers and applications. Around 2.7 GW of ORC solutions is currently installed worldwide. 

Greenstorc at the German Geothermal Conference.

Overview of how to be a crowdfunder .
STORC is a new generation of crowdsourcing project built around converting ground heat to electricity. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, but our Earth keeps its temperature 24/7. In addition to the most innovative geothermal technology, the project also incorporates the latest in blockchain-based token technology: the “premium token.”
So how does the STORC token work?

If your participation results in Greenstorc.com creating a new source of clean energy, then you will receive the equivalent of €0.01 (1 eurocent) in DasCoin.com every quarter that the energy source is operational, rain or shine, for every STORC token you hold. On top of that, for every new MegaWatt of production capacity that is installed by Greenstorc, you will receive a one-time extra premium of €0.01 (1 eurocent) in Dascoin for each STORC token held in your digital wallet. It’s simple and transparent: a clear goal and a clear reward when it’s achieved. 

Crowdfund from as little as 25euro the new way via Bitcoin BTC or Dascoin Dasc . 

Ask me how to crowdfund a step by step list. 

For crowd funding VISIT


17 thoughts on “Electricity from Earth- Greenstorc.com helping save the planet

      1. Linda Thank you for your comment. I will add some more GeoThermal videos here as well. and more updates.
        It is great that there is real life usage for the dascoin Blockchain for transparency and using their smart contracts features.
        Das33 is a platform where Dragons den meets crowdfunding. Business acumen with normal people profiting.
        Das33 is a platform where crowdfunding money is only released when the ICO company completes targets.
        This benefits both Parties. if you want to know more regarding Das33 just ask.

  1. Nice article, has not been done before like this. I visited the website and created a digital wallet.

    1. Nicola Thank you for you comments. Congratulations on taking action to support and crowdfund one of the best ecological companies out there. making a difference for the investor, for the local community without power, and helping to save the planet.

  2. Greenstorc will change the renewable energy field. In any part of the world if you dig you find heat from the earth. Which is available 24×7. No wind required, no solar power required, no water. I think this is the only renewable energy which fits any part of the world.

    1. Aravind thank you for your comments. Yes Greenstorc.com are innovative in both the renewable energy field and business on the Dascoin blockchain with smart contracts and on Das33.

  3. Really good article on the future of renewable means of generating electricity. Greenstorc plan to have 500 megawatts of electricity being generated using thus technology by the the end of 2020.

    1. Thank you Paul for the complement on the article. I agree better to build safe shallow Geothermal plants with zero waste than Nuclear plants with waste that lasts 1000s years.

  4. Thanks for publicising this. In view of recent warnings about global warming this can help prevent the terminal 1.5 C average global temperature rise and give electric power to off grid communities. SHOUT it from the roof tops.

    1. Keiran thank you for your comment. Reducing heat emissions helps the governments to achieve their targets and save the planet.

    1. Dithapelo thank you for your comments.
      Yes Green energy is needed as we all use more electric devices and more electric cars on the way.
      Using Dascoin Blockchain for smart contracts brings transparency and real life usage for cryptocurrency.
      The transparency of production and payments on the blockchain really gives back to the community.

  5. Great project. New technology solving real problems and changing people’s lives for the better and being kind to our enviroment

    1. John Thank you for your comment. It is good that a person in the financial industry recognises that Greenstorc.com is a good project A) for environment B) for keeping business running C) Personal Investment. All that plus Only a 3 year payback then profits. That is fantastic for a renewable energy. Double Glazing and Solar panels take between 15 and 20 years to recoup.

  6. Really informative article. This form of electricity generation has a wide variety of uses. This is the future of small scale generation.

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