Mind Capital

Mind Capital FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Good vs Bad Points.

Start with only Minimum $100 to maximum of $100,000

Earn between 10% and 18% per month.

No selling, No Products, No autoship, No buying ads, No clicking adverts, No need to recruit, No matrix, No Binary, No power legs, No get 3 people to earn. 

Easiest thing I have every done. SET IT AND FORGET IT, Login weekly to see how much profit you have made. Withdraw seed capital after 90 or better 180 days .

This “Mind Capital” is only buy $40 or £100 worth of Bitcoin (2 petrol tanks) and then an autobot uses a system called Arbitrage “the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.” Thee AutoBot waits until a small trade of upto 2.5% in the difference between trading pairs Bitcoin/Euro vs Bitcoin vs GBP or Bitcoin vs USD.

It does not matter to me if price of Bitcoin goes up or down. It is the weekday forex trading that makes small average 0.66% profit daily that interests me. As opposed to1% per YEAR with HSBC.

The Auto trading Bot as not made a loss in 150 days. With a net profit for April 2020 being 13.37% . Roughly after 180 days the £100 turn to about £200 plus extra. Then take out seed money £100 and then play with profits.

Very honest Very transparent. All transactions are registered on the bitcoin blockchain so all visible. These are the bare bones.

As this is the easiest way I have ever earned money. I thought it would be worth a mention to a friend.


Con – Bad points

Pro – Good points

Company presentations in Spanish Translation in 7 languages, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Open a Crypto wallet – convert Fiat £ $ € ¥ to Bitcoin Profit from “Arbitrage” Bitcoin vs fiat currencies.
  Set and forget income stream
  Make profits automatically – 5 days a week
35% shared profits to company Earn 65% profit on trade
  Zero membership fees
  Profits permanently transparent on Blockchain
  Withdraw profits above $50
Capital “seed” held for 90 days out of your control Withdraw “seed” capital after 90 days for free
  Profits made with out recruiting / selling
  NO joining / capital commission
  Only make money when referral makes profits
  Capital held in Bitcoin
  Auto Bot not made a losing trade in 150 days
  Seed money replaced about 180 days leaving the same amount to play with profits.
A young company May benefit from compounding profits


Friends remember that In Mind capital

👉 Free to register examine the backoffice  click here
👉🏽 Set it forget it, or watch it daily, weekly, monthly upto you.
👉🏽 No Ads watch
👉🏽 No clicks to make

👉🏽 No Advertisements on main website
👉🏽 No Membership, No joining fees, no monthly fees

👉 Profit 5 days a week
👉 Online weekly hd video zoom meeting all over the world
👉🏽 Instant profit withdraw in seconds above $50
👉🏽 Make Deposit 40$_100,000$
👉🏽 See Daily profits after 2-3 days grow approximately 0.5% – 0.8%
👉🏽 High Power security 2FA of your account
👉 No compulsory referral system

👉 No referral commission on seed money

👉 Sponsor only make money when referral makes profits

👉 Your seed capital returnable after 90 days
👉🏽 Your phone connected with Main system
👉🏽 Your business in your handpalm ✋ watch able 24hrs

👉🏽 Automatic Bitcoin to Fiat currency arbitrage

👉🏽 Decide how much seed money

👉🏽 Monthly profit between 6.5% and 11.5%

Join for secure your future and an amazing daily earning


Free registration at Mind Capital click here