Some of the Major reasons for Crypto Currency

  1. Independent of government control,
  2. Free from government manipulation of value of your income and savings
  3. Free from income tracking.
  4. Universal holiday currency.
  5. Easier faster to spend and earn than gold / silver
  6. An alternative source of income.

Income can come from different sources

  1. Arbitrage – the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.
  2. Trading in currency example GBP pounds to/from  Bitcoin, Euro to/from  Bitcoin, USD to/from  Bitcoin . 
  3. Store of value like gold /silver 

Lets look at

1 Arbitrage  platforms .. This is preferred as you risk only a small percentage of your capital. 

Mind Captial one of the several I have explored.  Mind Captial use a AutoBOT and look for a difference in Bitcoin BTC vs Euro,  BT vs GBP, BTC vs USD and more. Then when reaches a trade difference of  maximum 2.5% it does a trade. The benefits are without a time lag of my responses and with me being awake 24/7 looking at charts.  

Average per month 11% – 18% net of charges.   Pull out profits at any time back to your Bitcoin BTC wallet. Your capital is only locked in for 3 months/90 days. I compared this to an ISA of capital locked for 5 years. Imagine inside an ISA 30 months your captial is locked, so 3 months is not a lot. 

I will do a more detailed page on Auvesta Gold/Silver and Mind Captial . In the mean time here are some videos about MindCapital from Simon Stepsys and Thomas Grant. 

CryptoReview referral link


2  There are several Traditional Forex trading platforms and some with automatic robot (BOTS) that do trading. Care here as the Forex is huge and can be big losses.  I took signals from a solid source but due to time lag and in experience I lost in excess of £25,000 GBP in 1 year. 

3  Gold/ silver solid buy annual 10 year average 6.67% pa. Better than high street banks.  Gold Price in GBP per Troy Ounce for Last 10 Years. … Price, £1,387.78. 10 Year High, £1,405.84. 10 Year Low, £674.18. 10 Year Change, £555.57 (66.76 %)   I recommend Auvesta  

Gold vs real world values – A Ford car.  

I use gold and silver as a safe haven for money, not high street banks. There are some considerations to bear in mind.  Where to store physical Gold? At home or in a Registered gold bank vault.