Here are several top benefits of geothermal energy shallow closed loop innovation particularly

1 has Faster build time as shallow depth between 100m and 200m that traditional geothermal

2 uses Only sealed holes in earth. Nothing pumped into earth, directly better than fracking.

3 is kind to the environment. Unlike fossil fuels, the production of geothermal energy requires no combustion and produces very low levels of greenhouse gases. In many cases, geothermal power plants operate with zero emissions. No waste polluted water, not like nuclear or fracking.

4 can be local sites with no loss of electricity transporting it down cables. Fossil fuels have to drilled or piped then shipped or distributed throughout the region and then converted to electricity. With geothermal energy, the source of energy is located where there is a need, for example a local village, school, home. Surplus electricity can be added to the national grid or be used for local deep well water pumps.

5 can supply remote villages and replace polluting diesel generators.

6 energy is affordable – Most experts say that geothermal energy will save you up to 80% on bills when compared to traditional fossil fuel sources. Although the initial investment may be more, geothermal energy sources will save you money in the long run. In remote African villages the poorest people on the planet pay the most per kilowatt. They use a diesel generator run it for a few hours a day between $7 and $15 per KW. Here in Europe we pay about $0.10 to $0.50 per Kw.

7 produces 24/7 base constant supply electricity. No need for batteries. Better for planning electricity management.

8 has a High efficiency heat to electricity ratio:- A special liquid evaporates at about 50C with 250x more force than water to steam. Enabling the turbines to turn more for less energy. This increases the efficiency of the Short Heat Unit (SHU).

9 Energy is unlike many other sources of energy, geothermal energy is readily available throughout the world. The question is how to develop and improve the ease of plant creation and local use of geothermal electricity. This is where GreenStorc is breaking new ground and looking for crowdfunding to build local plants. Crowdfunding from €25 to €25,000 euros Average pledge is about €1000 with Escrow safety registered on the blockchain for transparency. Enables most people to receive financial rewards. For first MegaWatt per plant produced any where in world.

With an Estimated 70MegaWatt installed by end of 2020 this may give faster & higher rewards than Solar or Double Glazing. see white paper for full details.

1 Greenstorc Premium possible reward in 4th year estimated at €6.80 see white paper full details CLICK HERE.

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